We manufacture pioneering hardware and develop software for communications with security, and reliability in mind, providing our customers with transformative communications technology solutions at scale.

Since its foundation in 1993, Redwood Technologies has been a first-to-market company, producing a constant stream of cutting-edge hardware and software as a result of continual, market-led R&D.
With a growing worldwide presence and deployment of multi-channel communications systems in over 50 countries, Redwood Technologies strives to further innovate and excel within the communications industry through future-conscious, technological solutions that will enhance the communications of our global customers.

Cutting Edge

Market-driven, technological innovations position Redwood Technologies at the forefront of the communications industry. This continual process allows for the creation of systems with the experience of the end-user always in mind. From the early days of RedMatrix, the world’s first drag-and-drop conferencing system, to the latest in intelligent automation, Redwood Technologies has maintained its pursuit of innovation, and takes pride in its expert R&D teams which are dedicated to making continual developments on the product level.


As a result of our cutting-edge technological innovations, Redwood Technologies is trusted to deliver complex, multi-channel communications solutions to transform the systems of some of the world’s largest organizations. To suit the end-user’s needs, Redwood Technologies provides bespoke systems made to the highest standards of security and reliability, supporting organizations in mission-critical environments. Pioneering products such as the Digital Network eXchange™ (DNX) underpin our work across every vertical sector.

At Scale

With the deployment of strategic technological solutions to local and central governments, state departments, financial institutions and major players in the power and utilities industries, Redwood Technologies delivers complex communications solutions to organizations at scale. Our robust systems serve hundreds of the world’s largest and prestigious organizations, tackling critical communication challenges and boosting operational efficiency across a range of industries spanning global territories.

Group Operating Companies